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Jordanerne finder fælles fodslag i kampen mod ny spareplan

I Jordan finder demonstranter sammen på tværs af køn, klasse og politiske og økonomiske skel i en omfattende protest mod regeringens nye skattelov og prisstigninger.

Ali Saadi

Jordanians are coming together across political, economic and gender divides to protest against a new tax law and increases to electricity and fuel prices, and have seen their efforts so far result in the resignation of the prime minister.

Participants have gathered after Iftar (breaking fast during the month of Ramadan) at the Fourth Circle, which is where the Prime Ministry is located in the capital Amman, and stayed until Suhoor (the time when fasting begins again), which means approximately six continuous hours.

The timing has allowed the country to function normally by day, causing no damage to the already hurting economy, while still sending a clear and effective message by night.

“We’ve had no time to sleep except for two or three hours a day during this week, but this is the only way we can do the country no harm and still practise our rights,” said Ahmad Jalal, one of the protesters, to Global Voices.

The protesters have mostly stood in front of the ministry, shouting anti-government slogans, singing nationalist songs, and holding signs with the hashtag “#Maanash” which translates into “We do not have.”

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