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Massive ødelæggelser efter kampe i filippinsk by

Efter at have været en regulær kampplads i tre uger ligger hundredvis af huse og andre bygninger i den filippinske by Marawi i ruiner. Omfanget af ødelæggelserne står klart, efterhånden som redningsmandskab, journalister og indbyggere lægger fotos på nettet.
Lokale indbyggere har søgt til et midlertidigt evakueringscenter.

Lokale indbyggere har søgt til et midlertidigt evakueringscenter.

Marawis bystyre (Facebook)

On 23 May 2017, a group with alleged links to ISIS attacked some parts of Marawi City in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao. In response, the government declared martial law in Mindanao to pursue the attackers and prevent the spread of ISIS in other towns.

The clash between the military and the militant group known as Maute forced the mass evacuation of Marawi residents. As of June 7, more than 46,000 families, or 220,000 persons, have been displaced from their homes. The government said it has provided 33 evacuation centers, but these could only shelter 18,000 persons.

After three weeks of being a battle zone, hundreds of houses and other buildings in Marawi were destroyed. The extent of the damage was revealed when rescuers, residents, and journalists uploaded photos and videos of Marawi’s town proper.

The Maute group is blamed for the destruction, but the military is also being held accountable because of its continuous airstrikes. The military claimed it is conducting ‘surgical bombing’ operations, but some residents said the air bombs are being dropped indiscriminately.

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