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Så kom Trumps store sparepakke - rammer u-landshjælpen

Trump-regeringen vil skære udviklingshjælpen og udenrigsministeriet (diplomatiet) ned med 28 procent i finansåret 2018. Det svarer til 10 mia. dollars (ca. 70 milliarder kr.) - eller mere end fire gange Danmarks samlede udviklingsbistand på et år

Gage Skidmore (Wikimedia/CC)

The state department and USAID (US Agency for International Development = Amerikas Danida) between them pay for everything from the diplomatic corps to fighting poverty, promoting human rights and improving healthcare in foreign countries, writes BBC online Thursday.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson noted that President Donald Trump was acting on the expectation that allies of the US would do more themselves to contribute to development aid and disaster assistance. 

Budget savings would benefit the military primarily, as defence department spending would rise by 54 billion dollar or 10 per cent, including two billion for nuclear weapons..

In relative terms, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would lose the most, taking a hit of 31.4 per cent or 2.6 billion dollar and see the loss of 3,200 employees.

Over the past 47 years acid rain, leaded petrol and the pesticide DDT have become footnotes in history thanks to the agency.

The so-called skinny budget, that pays for US agencies and departments, is submitted to Congress as a series of bills. In order for each to succeed, at least eight Democrats in the Senate would have to vote for the cuts or at least refuse to obstruct it.

Given the level of Democratic animosity towards Mr Trump, those possibilities look slim, BBC notes.

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