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Seminar ”Best Practices – Way Forward”


Lørdag, 16. september 2017 -
10:00 til 16:00


Nordisk Folkecenter for Vedvarende Energi, Kammersgaaardsvej 16, 7760 Hurup Thy.



Welcome by Jane Kruse, Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, NFRE, director

Best Practices – Technology Transfer by Leire Gorroño, engineer, NFRE

Renewable Energy & Climate Change Mitigation – Findings & Recommendations from nine districts of Uganda – report from a 4 year CISU project, by Ntege Edrisa, JEEP Uganda and project coordinator Lene Høgh, NFRE

Experience from work as a volunteer in Uganda by Philipp Wienecke, ARTEFACT, Germany

Solar Energy – ”Lighting Africa” - lamps and installations by Helle Pasgaard, ENIIG

Mini Grids for Local Communities by AAU Students

A solar generator/AC without storage by Anker Mardal , NFRE

LED light to save on energy by Jan Harry Frederiksen, NFRE

Lunch break

Water – for a dry place by Poul Kroijer, Seniors without Borders

The GLOW Stove, development and entrepreneurship by Markus Espeter, Germany

News from – Senegal – Adult education

Tanzania – Employment of Youth, by Erasto M. Kishula & Morsø Development Ass.

Mali and Burkina Faso – Solar Energy for Local Communities, NFRE


Exhibitions and guided tour of the Folkecenter

Sign up: [email protected]

Telephone 97956600 Daniele Pagani before Wednesday 13th September 12.00.

Coffee/tea/soft drinks + vegetarian lunch DKK 100.

The seminar is sponsored by Nordic Folkecenter and CISU, Civil Society in Development.

Organizes at Nordic Folkecenter together with Seniors Without Borders, Morsø U-Landsforening