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Seminar: Current trends in financing civil society (København)

CIVICUS perspectives and Dutch experiences.


Onsdag, 13. juni 2018 - 10:00 til 12:00


Globalt Fokus, Rysensteensgade 3, København V

Se også tilsvarende møde i Aarhus 14. juni.

Rationales and ways for financing civil society interventions are changing dramatically  these years. Existing modalities are being more closely linked to national objectives and interests and new trends are emphasizing the political roles of civil society financed through domestic resource mobilization.

Global Focus and CISU will therefore jointly organize two workshops aiming at exploring new trends in financing civil society

Jelmer Kamstra from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs will introduce the Dutch Dialogue & Dissent  programme which emphasizes the political role of CSOs and introduces innovations in terms of accountability procedures and in terms of funding. Besides going through Northern CSOs, it also channels funds directly to the Global South.

Amy Taylor from CIVICUS will introduce findings from a series of conversations stemming from the State of Civil Society Report 2015 on how to support the resilience of local civil society through more direct and democratic resourcing practices. 

The two contributions will form basis for a debate on the scope and potentials from these new trends on civil society financing.

Main target groups are CSOs with Danida strategic partnership agreements and CSOs with CISU programs or larger project portfolio. Researchers and independent consultants working with civil society are also welcome. 

Registration  can be done at http://kurser.cisu.dk/Home/Kursus/491 (and background text are also available here for download)