Tid: 19/09/2023 15:30 til 19/09/2023 17:00

Sted: Zoom

Arrangør: Nordic Africa Research Network

Nordic Africa Research Network Seminars: How can we decolonize in practice?

In this seminar, Prof. Sten Hagberg, Dr. Thomas Ndaluka and Dr. Oulia Makkonen will share their experiences on implementing the project “Decolonizing Research Methodologies: Empirical Data Collection, Fieldwork Relations, Ethical Challenges, and Transnational Approaches.”

This project aims to support the creation, organization, and the implementation of an interdisciplinary research school that brings together Burkinabe, Malian, Swedish, and Tanzanian researchers and research projects in a common collaborative framework to strengthen conceptual, theoretical, methodological and practical work for decolonizing research methodologies.

The programme focuses on qualitative research and societal engagement in the humanities and social sciences, and includes both research and research training.

Zoom Link: https://uu-se.zoom.us/j/65312905902