Danmark søger optagelse i AIIB som første nordiske stiftende medlem

Laurits Holdt

According to a press release from The Royal Danish Embassy in China, Denmark has applied for membership in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

“It is a significant and exciting development in the world order that China is now establishing the AIIB. Since many Danish trade interests as well as development cooperation interests will be at stake in AIIB, there are many reasons to engage in and influence AIIB’s investment decisions from its beginning,” said Mr. Mogens Jensen, Danish Minister of Trade and Development.

“The Danish government has therefore today notified the Chinese government that Denmark is prepared to sit among the founding members of the AIIB in order to discuss further the establishment of the bank”.

“It is important that the new financial institution will adhere to the international standards for development banks and that it will support our development policy priorities. The final decision on Denmark’s membership will be concluded in a later stage along with the exact Danish financial support of the activities of the bank,” Mr. Jensen added.

“I am very happy that our government has taken this step. I find it only natural and logical. This year Denmark and China are celebrating our 65th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic ties, and already in 2008 the two countries signed a comprehensive strategic partnership,” Danish Ambassador to China Mr. Friis Arne Petersen said, noting:

“Therefore, it is also natural we continue this line with the application to join the AIIB, so that the economic development in Asia can sustain and we can help with the poverty eradication in the region.”

“Denmark and China had two State Visits during the past two years, with former President Hu Jintao visiting Denmark in 2012 and Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II visiting China in April 2014 on invitation by President Xi Jinping”.

“On top of that we have also seen the Danish Prime Minister visit China twice in the past two years and countless Chinese leaders visit Denmark,” Mr. Petersen added.

Denmark has for many years been among world leaders in committing to development assistance and cooperation.

Different Danish governments have been dedicated to developing a win-win relationship with developing countries. This has resulted in successful development projects in Africa, Asia and South America.

Denmark and China have previously worked together on a number of development projects including in August 2014, a United Nations Development Programme project agreement to boost renewable energy technology transfer was signed between China, Ghana and Zambia. The project was mostly financed by Denmark.