Opslag om “post-doctoral fellowships” om Sydøstasien


Announcement of three post-doctoral fellowships at the Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies.

Application information:

1. The Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies at Lund University hereby invites applications for three postdoctoral fellowships. The Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies is focused upon research concerning contemporary East and South-East Asia, principally from social sciences and humanities perspectives. Information regarding the Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies may be found at the Centres website (www.ace.lu.se).

2. The duration of each fellowship is two years, commencing 1 September 2004 and ending on 30 August 2006.

3. Candidates must have completed all the requirements for the doctoral degree before1 July 2004, i.e. two months prior to the commencement of the fellowships.

4. The deadline for applications is 16:00 on Friday 14 May 2004.

5.  Applications should be sent by mail to the following address:
The Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies, Attn.: Professor Roger Greatrex, Box792, 220 07 Lund, Sweden
Envelopes should be clearly marked “Application for Postdoctoral Fellowship”.

6. Application forms and supporting materials should be submitted in 1 original set and 8 photocopied sets. Applications will not be returned to candidates, regardless of the outcome of the application. Applications should be written in English.

7. Application forms can be found on www.ace.lu.se

8. This call for applications is open to qualified candidates world-wide. Applications will be evaluated by an international academic committee, and thereafter the final decision as to the selection of candidates will be taken by the Board of Directors of the Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies at their meeting on Tuesday 1 June 2004.

9. Only candidates who have taken their doctoral grade within the last five years, counting from the date of commencement of the postdoctoral fellowships, will be considered. In other words, applications from candidates who were awarded their doctoral grade prior to 1 September 1999 will not be considered by the committee.

10. Candidates who are not native English speakers or who did not write their doctoral thesis in English must submit proof of competence in English.

11. Candidates are expected in their applications to present a concise and well-formulated research proposal (maximum: 3 A-4 pages) regarding research to be carried out during the postdoctoral fellowship, in addition to a curriculum vitae, doctoral grade certificate and letters of recommendation.

12. The principle task of the Centre is the advancement of research regarding East and South-East Asia. Consequently, each applicant should clearly present in their application how the research project proposed is linked to ongoing research in the field, and/or how the project will make a significant contribution to research on the region at the Centre.

13. Each postdoctoral fellow, during their period of employment, is encouraged to develop and submit a research application to a Swedish, Nordic or European Union research funding agency.

14. In the application, candidates should mention teaching experience, specifying the number of hours taught, subject(s) taught, the academic level of the course(s) taught, seminars lead, etc.

Terms of employment:

15. During their period of employment at the Centre, postdoctoral fellows are expected to engage in research, undertake teaching and tutoring assignments, and participate actively in the Centres activities, such as seminars, conferences and guest-lectures.

16. Within one month of the commencement of employment, each postdoctoral fellow shall have submitted a research plan for the period of employment. Two weeks prior to the completion of the period of employment, each postdoctoral fellow shall submit a report (maximum length: five A-4 pages) regarding their research and other activities during their employment at the Centre.

17. In addition to research and other Centre-related activities, each postdoctoral fellow will be expected to undertake per academic year 50 qualified lecturing hours (the equivalent of 200 clock hours) of teaching and tutoring assignments within their position. In other words, during the two years of employment, each postdoctoral fellow will be expected to undertake a total of 100 qualified lecturing hours within their position. Postdoctoral fellows will be expected, for example, to teach and lead seminars in the international Masters Programme in Asian Studies given at the Centre. The language of instruction in the Masters Programme is English.

18. Postdoctoral fellows have the right to paid vacation in accordance with Lund Universitys regulations. They are expected to make use of this right during their period of employment. Financial compensation will not be made in lieu of vacation.

19. Postdoctoral fellows shall during the period of their employment submit two working papers, based upon their own independent, academic research (maximum length: ca. 25 pages per paper), for publication in the Centres Working Paper Series. Postdoctoral fellows are further expected to submit papers to international academic journals.

20. Each postdoctoral fellow will be allocated an individual office. Postdoctoral fellows are expected to be present at the Centre during regular working hours, in the case that agreement has not been reached with regard to work-from-home, travel for research, participation in conferences or leave of absence for vacation, or on account of sickness.

21. Postdoctoral fellows have access to office equipment commensurate with their employment at the Centre, and administrative assistance within reasonable limits. Photocopying and/or postage/shipment of substantial quantities of printed matter is not permitted within the terms of employment. Such costs must be covered by the postdoctoral fellows personally.

22. Each postdoctoral fellow is permitted to participate in one conference per year of employment at the expense of the Centre (the only costs that will be covered by the Centre are: travel to and from the conference venue, conference fees, hotel costs and per diem, in accordance with current Lund University travel regulations), in the case that the postdoctoral fellow reads a paper at the conference, and that this presentation is included in the conference materials. Costs for partipation in a conference must be reported in accordance with Lund University travel regulations.

23. Travel for research and visits to other localities for research purposes, other than the above-mentioned, will not be funded by the Centre. Scholarships and other sources of financing are available at Lund University. It is the responsibility of each postdoctoral fellow to make such applications personally.

24. Postdoctoral fellow have the opportunity to propose the purchase of literature directly related to their topics of research. The maximum cost for such proposals is 10.000 SEK per year (ca. 1.100 euro) per postdoctoral fellow. Such literature once purchased belongs to the library of the Centre, and not personally to the postdoctoral fellows. In addition to this possibility, postdoctoral fellows are welcome to make suggestions to the staff of the Centres library with regard to library acquisitions.

25. The housing situation in Lund is difficult. The Centre will arrange direct contact between postdoctoral fellows and a nearby student house. In the case that postdoctoral fellows prefer other accomodation alternatives, they are expected to make the necessary arrangements themselves. The Centres administrative staff are not in a position to make any other accomodation arrangements.

26. Failure to obtain suitable accomodation is not regarded as an acceptable reason for absence from the Centre during the period of employment.

27. Lund University practices an individual wage policy.

Roger Greatrex, Professor, Director