Israelsk militær hindrer FN i at uddele mad til fordrevne palæstinensere

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FN kritiserer israelsk militær for at hindre uddeling af humanitær hjælp til fordrevne palæstinensiske samfund. FN udtrykker desuden bekymring over en stigning i antallet af palæstinensere, der fordrives fra deres hjem på Vestbredden af israelske soldater.

Jerusalem, 20 September 2013 (OCHA): UN Humanitarian Coordinator expresses concern at obstruction of humanitarian assistance for Palestinian community, following recent demolitions.

The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator Mr. James W. Rawley expressed deep
concern that Israeli forces prevented the provision of humanitarian assistance to a
community in urgent need in the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank.

UNHC forhindres adgang til landsby i Jordan-dalen

In today’s incident, Israeli forces seized a vehicle carrying tents from an international
humanitarian organisation destined for the community of Makhul, where 48 Palestinians, including 16 children, are in urgent need of emergency shelter following repeated demolitions this week by the Israeli authorities.

The forces also confronted members of the humanitarian and diplomatic communities who were present on site.

FN oplever stigning i antallet af fordrivelser

“The United Nations and its partners remain committed to providing humanitarian
assistance to populations in immediate need”, Mr. Rawley said, adding that the
international humanitarian community would continue efforts to mitigate the
humanitarian impact, including displacement and loss of livelihoods, of demolitions
which have been on the rise over recent months in the West Bank.

“I call upon the Israeli authorities to live up to their obligations as occupying power to protect those communities under their responsibility, including to halt demolitions of Palestinian
homes and property,” said Mr. Rawley.

“The displacement of a whole Palestinian community in the occupied Palestinian territory is a very disappointing development at such a delicate moment where we look forward to positive measures on the ground”, Mr. Rawley concluded.

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