Kriminel undergrund hærger i Mexico

Forfatter billede

Der er brug for både en ny politistruktur og retssystem, hvis Mexico vil den omfattende og fatale kriminalitet til livs, fastslår International Crisis Group

Bruxelles: Mexico must build an effective police and justice system, as well as implement comprehensive social programs, if it is to escape the extraordinary violence triggered by the country’s destructive cartels in extortion, kidnapping and control of transnational crime, says report from International Crisis Group.

Peña Nieto’s Challenge: Criminal Cartels and Rule of Law in Mexico, is the International Crisis Group’s first report on the country with the world’s fourteenth largest economy but also one of its worst cases of deadly criminal violence. It analyses the Herculean challenge Mexico faces: from the north, pressure to stop the flow of narcotics to U.S. users; domestically, to reduce the killings, kidnappings and extortion by criminal organisations financed largely by the illegal drugs trade. Without institutional reform, efforts to combat the violence may be ineffective; with such reform, supported by programs to rescue the poor, there is hope for a sustainable end to this devastating problem.

“Cartels challenge the fundamental nature of the state, not by threatening to capture it, but by damaging and weakening it”, says Mark Schneider, Crisis Group’s Special Adviser on Latin America. “Washington needs to better control trafficking in guns, especially assault rifles, from U.S. suppliers that give the cartels as much firepower as the security forces they face”.

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