August var en dårlig måned for Tyrkiets LGBTQ’er

Pride-parade på Taksim-pladsen i Istanbul i 2011. I år havde de tyrkiske myndigheder aflyst paraden.
Foto: Wikipedia (arkiv)
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In the past two years, Turkey's LGBTQ+ community (lesbiske, bøsser, biseksuelle, transpersoner, queers og andre, red.) has gained increased international attention, primarily due to the violent response to Istanbul's Pride marches on the part of the city police.

Now, a little over a month after Trans Pride and general Pride marches were banned altogether, Istanbul's LGBTQ+ community is reeling from the shock of two brutal murders.

The victims were a gay Syrian, Muhammed Wisam Sankari, who was found beheaded and mutilated on July 25, and Hande Kader, a Trans sex worker and activist who had been missing since August 6 and was found dead a few weeks later, on August 17.

The deaths of both Sankari and Kader have provoked a powerful response from Turkey's LGBTQ+ community, some of whom gathered to protest in Istanbul's central Tunel Square August 21.

Oguz, 25, who participated in the protest and did not wish to use his second name, told Global Voices that “everybody was so sad, angry and wasn't afraid of standing there and protesting.”

He noted the “bigger portion of the crowd consisted of Trans people.”

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