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Journalistik i krigstid

Debat og bogreception om reportager fra krigszoner - fra journalister og korrespondenter der var tilstede.


Mandag, 19. februar 2018 - 17:00 til 19:00


Københavns Universitet Amager, Karen Blixens Vej 4, 2300 København S. Auditorium 23.0.49

The debate centralizes on the content of the book Journalism in Times if War, the latest release by Al Jazeera Media Institute, edited by Awad Joumaa and Khaled Ramadan, with introduction by Hamid Dabashi, and comment by Noam Chomsky.

About the book

Journalism in Times of War presents contributions and interviews with correspondents from within Al Jazeera Media Network and other TV stations on coverage from war zones in the Arab region. The reporters share their experiences and provide tips and advice regarding working in war zones and areas of conflicts.

Telling human stories from Syria, Yemen, Libya and other conflict areas means that a vast number of reporters, citizen journalists and media activists find themselves pushed deeper into the ever-shifting frontlines.

In the Middle East, a day does not pass without a journalist being pursued, censored, harassed, kidnapped, imprisoned or even killed. Last year, at least 81 journalists were killed and many more detained worldwide, according to the International Federation of Journalists.

With the new book, Aljazeera Media Institute aims to contribute to the debate on war reporting.

Place: Copenhagen University Amager, Karen Blixens Vej 4, 2300 København S.

Auditorium 23.0.49

Date: Monday 19.02.2018

Time: 17.00 – 19.00

Download: English PDF link, Journalism In Times of War

Mediator: Dorian Batycka - copyeditor of the book