Menneskeretsforkæmpere stadig fængslet i Tyrkiet

Tyrkisk politi affyrer tåregas mod demonstranter ved Gezi Park i 2013.
Foto: Mstyslav Chernov (Wikimedia/CC/arkiv)
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Eight of Turkey's most respected human rights defenders were arrested last week, along with two information technology trainers from Sweden and Germany. All ten of those arrested are still in police custody but have not been charged with any crime.

The group had gathered for digital security and information management workshop on one of Istanbul's islands, Buyukada, on July 5 when police raided the workshop, detained the participants, and confiscated electronic equipment including computers and mobile phones. Among those arrested was the director of Amnesty International Turkey, Idil Eser.

Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet reported that police also raided the homes of some of the human rights defenders who was arrested, and seized books, CDs, phones and digital devices. On July 11, Hurriyet Daily News reported that “house raids on detainees’ addresses were still ongoing.”

Amnesty International announced on July 11 that all ten people will remain in detention for at least seven more days.

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