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En glemt krig: Sydsudan

Eksperters syn på de humanitære, sikkerheds- og udviklingsmæssige udfordringer i Afrikas yngste nation. Vi hører meget om Syrien, mens den blodige konflikt i Sydsudan står mere i skyggen i nyhedsmedierne (dog ikke i Globalnyt, red.). Hør Danidas tidl. chef og FNs øverste i Sydsudan til for nylig, ambassadør Ellen Margrethe Løj   


Onsdag, 8. marts 2017 -
13:00 til 16:00


DIIS ∙ Dansk Institut for Internationale Studier, auditoriet, Gl. Kalkbrænderi Vej 51 A (nær Nordhavn S-station) Østerbro, København



The seminar will be conducted in English and live streamed on diis.dk.


Participation is free of charge, but registration is required. Please use our online registration form no later than Tuesday 7 March 2016 at 12.00 noon.


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South Sudan is experiencing the second deadliest conflict on the planet after Syria, and yet it is invisible to many.

Since the eruption of the civil war in 2013, thousands of people have been killed, and over four million people have been displaced within South Sudan and the neighboring countries.

The humanitarian and security situation is dire and deteriorating day by day. The UN peacekeeping mission is struggling to protect civilians in the war-torn country and the international community in general lacks a robust response to the crisis.

The collapsing economy is worsening food shortages and South Sudan’s inflation rate peaked at 835 percent last year. Oil, which accounted for 98 percent of government revenue, fetches about half the price it did in 2011 when South Sudan gained independence.

Some argue that the international community has failed South Sudan.

This seminar explores the current peacekeeping, humanitarian and economic challenges in South Sudan.

It will also analyze the regional and domestic political drivers of South Sudan’s civil war.

It will shed light upon what options are available to the international community to help solve the conflict and what should be done in the near future to protect the millions of civilians affected by the civil war.






Ellen Magrethe Løj, previous Special Representative of the Secretary General in Liberia and South Sudan

Peter Biak Ajax, South Sudan Country Director, International Growth Center and PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge

Ally Verjee, independent Consultant & previous Head of Staff, IGAD

Jairo Munive, Senior Researcher, DIIS

Luke Patey, Senior Researcher, DIIS








Jairo Munive




UN peacekeeping in South Sudan. Challenges and opportunities


Ellen Margrethe Løj - mere om hende på 





South Sudan’s prospects for peace and security


Peter Biak Ajak








Coffee break




Resilience in displacement and the protection of civilians in South Sudan


Jairo Munive




Lessons from the IGAD mediation and considering future approaches


Ally Verjee




The unmaking and future of South Sudan’s oil industry


Luke Patey