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Første årlige konference ved Center for African Economies, Roskilde Universitet


Torsdag, 7. december 2017 - 8:00 til 17:45


Roskilde Universitet, bygning 25, 25.1.035

8:00-8:30: Introductions, over coffee and pastries
8:30-10:30: African-owned Firms Building Capabilities in Global Value Chains (AFRICAP) http://www.ruc.dk/africap

  • Lindsay Whitfield, ‘Firm histories as method to study firm learning processes’, and ‘Firm histories in the Ethiopian and Madagascar garment export industries’ Sameer Azizi, ‘Firm histories in Kenya floriculture industry’
  • Ayu Melese, ‘Firm histories in Ethiopian floriculture industry’ Break Coffee/tea and fruit

10:45-12:45: Successful African Firms and Institutional Change (SAFIC) https://www.cbs.dk/en/research/cbs-research-projects/major-research- projects/successful-african-firms-and-institutional-change-safic

  • Søren Jeppesen, ‘Doing Business in Zambia: Private Sector Development Policies and Firm-Level Challenges among Local Agribusinesses and Suppliers to the Mines’
  • Michael Wendelboe Hansen, ‘What constitutes successful African enterprises? A survey of performance variations in 210 African food processors’

12:45-13:30: Lunch

13:30-15:30: Hierarchies of Rights http://www.ruc.dk/hierarchies

  • Lars Buur, ‘The Political Economy of Land and Natural Resource Investments in Africa: An Analytical Framework’, and, ‘The Next White Gold? Rice investment in Mozambique’
  • Malin Nystrand, ‘Trends and trajectories from case studies in Tanzania and Mozambique regarding local exchange deals between investors and local populations’

Break Coffee/tea and cake

15:45-17:45: Governing economic hubs and flows in Somali East Africa (GOVSEA) http://govsea.tumblr.com/project

  • Tobias Hagmann, ‘Six tentative GOVSEA hypotheses on state formation in Somali East Africa’
  • Kirstine Strøh Varming, ‘Mediated taxation: religious authority and sovereignty discourses in Puntland’


Tilmelding hos centerleder Lindsay Whitfield, [email protected].