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MENA expert and coordinator, Oxfam IBIS




Torsdag, 16. november 2017 - 12:00
MENA expert and coordinator



In the summer of 2017 Oxfam IBIS started working in the MENA region implementing the “Youth Participation and Employment” programme, a five year programme under The Danish Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP) funded by the Danish MFA. DAPP combines regional activities with interventions in priority countries currently comprising Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia where there is potential for reform under relative stability.

The strategic programme objective is that ‘Public institutions, civil society and businesses advance governance standards and provide economic opportunities’. Youth participation and employment is one of a total of three engagements under the thematic programme on economic opportunities, the other two focusing on (a) labour market and social dialogue and (b) entrepreneurship and access to finance. The thematic programme objective is ‘Improved economic opportunities for young men and women’. The DAPP programme is the flagship programme for Oxfam IBIS in the MENA region, a region Oxfam IBIS wishes to expand in in the coming years.

The Oxfam confederation has worked in the MENA region for many years and has a rich track record of multi-country programmes on youth participation, job creation and gender empowerment. Oxfam has been implementing a variety of programmes in the region, from long term economic development programmes with a strong focus on gender equality to essential support to refugees, especially Syrian refugees since the outbreak of the civil war. Oxfam thus has a long history of engagement with a great variety of partners throughout the region. 

About Oxfam IBIS
Oxfam IBIS has more than 50 years of experience working with international development in fragile and conflict affected contexts. Oxfam IBIS is an independent and member-based development organization and a member of Oxfam International. Oxfam IBIS is working for a just world in which everyone has equal access to education, influence, and resources. Together with our partners we fight global inequality and poverty.

Oxfam IBIS works primarily in three thematic areas: Education for Active Citizenship, Economic and Social Justice, and Peace, Rights and Inclusion. In addition, Oxfam IBIS works in humanitarian contexts to promote education in emergencies and resilience. When brought together, these areas of expertise make Oxfam IBIS a strong platform for working on youth participation and employment in the MENA region.

The Oxfam Confederation has worked in fragile and conflict affected countries and regions for more than 70 years, and is increasingly working in the areas of youth participation and employment and increasingly focusing on innovative ways of engagement. Oxfam IBIS builds on the work already done by other affiliates within the confederation.

Responsibilities and tasks

  • Coordinate and further develop all MENA related programmes
  • Serve as focal point for the DAPP programme in Oxfam IBIS
  • Maintain relations with other DAPP implementing partners at HQ level
  • Support the DAPP team leader with the ongoing development and implementation of the DAPP programme
  • Maintain frequent dialogue with the DAPP team leader and undertake field visits to countries of implementation
  • Maintain a good working relationship and dialogue with the MENA office and the portfolio coordinator of the Danish MFA
  • Provide oversight and support to the DAPP Programme Management Unit (PMU) in the establishment of the MENA knowledge hub focused on youth and employment
  • Provide strategic and programmatic support to the PMU through the team leader
  • Ensure correlation with Oxfam International in MENA policy, advocacy strategies and further programme developments
  • Engage in public dialogue and advocacy in Denmark related to the themes of the DAPP programme and the situation in the MENA region more broadly
  • Provide analysis of the situation in the region with the purpose of identifying potential new areas of work and initiatives in dialogue with other Oxfam affiliates and partners


  • At least 5 years of experience in programme management, primarily from the MENA region, and primarily related to the development programming and the thematic priorities of Oxfam IBIS
  • Relevant graduate or postgraduate degree
  • Strong understanding of, and commitment to, the strategic priority areas of Oxfam IBIS and the embedded approach of linking activities from the local to national, regional and international activities focusing on policy changes and influencing at all levels
  • Ability to address and analyse developments in the MENA region
  • Strong knowledge of and experience with working on issues of youth participation and empowerment and/or employment and private sector engagement   
  • Experienced project manager capable of managing and allocating staff time, and in close dialogue with staff prioritizing resources and tasks in order to implement strategies
  • Strong networker able to manoeuvre in and contribute to the Oxfam confederation and to represent Oxfam IBIS in Oxfam and other international and Danish networks especially among DAPP partners as well as policy makers and donors in the MENA region
  • Good sense of policy development and influencing with capacity to identify opportunities for generating change
  • Strong communication skills with ability to communicate strategies and visions clearly and engage effectively in high-level networks and negotiations
  • Fluency in English required; fluency in Danish would be strongly preferred; Arabic and French will be considered strong assets
  • Personal commitment to end poverty and inequality in all its forms

Conditions for the employment
The work place is in Copenhagen at Oxfam IBIS headquarters. Travel app. 90 days per year.
Salary and working conditions due to present collective agreement with a salary scale between 35.353 DKK and 48.872 DKK including pension and pay supplement. Pay grading will be based on the level of experience.

Start date: January 1st 2018 or as soon as possible after that

For further information about the position, please contact Mie Roesdahl, Secretary General of Oxfam IBIS.
Please submit your application via the ‘send application’ button and include your motivation letter and CV.
Application deadline: November 16th 2017 at 12.00 AM.
Please note that only applications received using the link provided can be taken into consideration.
Applicants must be nationals of a European Union member State or have a valid work permit for the European Union.

Oxfam IBIS is committed to equal employment opportunity we therefore encourage everybody – irrespective of age, gender and of religious, sexual, national or ethnic affiliation – to apply for this position.

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