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Netværk for Religion og Udvikling holder seminar om tro og mad


Fredag, 31. marts 2017 -
9:00 til 13:00


Bjælkeloftet, Diakonissestiftelsen, Peter Bangs Vej 1, Frederiksberg

Social norms and practices regarding production and consumption of food are influenced and, to some degree, shaped by religious values. It is therefore relevant and important to address harmful practises as well as to promote positive change through reviewing and engaging with basic normative values.

The seminar will present and discuss links between faith and food, and introduce examples on how faith-based and other actors approach and work with issues related to right to food.

The SDG 2 seminar is a part of several seminars with the purpose to address – through professional capacity and knowledge building – NGO’s ability to analyse and navigate in different contexts where religion plays an important role in development work.

The seminars are organized by the Network for Religion and Development founded by ADRA Denmark, DanChurchAid, Caritas Denmark, Danish Muslim Aid, Danmission, Danish Institute for Human Rights, Centre for African Studies, Danish Mission Council and Danish Mission Council Development Department. The initiative is supported financially by Danida through Globalt Fokus.

To register for the seminar, please contact Anne Cathrine Holmen, intern in International Department: [email protected] – no later than March 24th, 2017.


By Peter Blum Samuelsen, Director of the Danish Mission Council Development Department.

Opening of the seminar
By Jørgen Thomsen, Senior Advisor in DanChurchAid, International Ecumenical Cooperation and Religion & Development.

A global perspective: Biblically founded motivation for change and international advocacy
By Manoj Kurian from the ‘Food for Life Campaign´ in WCC-The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance.

A Northern perspective: WeFood.
By Bassel Hmeiden, Project Manager at DanChurchAid.

Coffee break
Estimated around 10:00 am.

A Southern agricultural perspective
By Mvuselelo Huni, Manager at Organization of Rural Association for Progress (ORAP) in Zimbabwe.

How does DanChurchAid work with food security / right to food?
By Mette Lund Sørensen, Senior Advisor in DanChurchAid, Right to Food Programme.

How does Danish Muslim Aid work with food security / right to food?
By Abdul Wahid Pedersen, Development Manager in Danish Muslim Aid (t.b.c).

Panel discussion

Summing up
By Jørgen Thomsen, DanChurchAid.

Yderligere oplysninger hos:

Jørgen Thomsen from DanChurchAid: [email protected], tlf. 33 18 77 02.